Tech Tips

Registry Reset

This Tech Tip explains how to reset the Windows Registry if you have problems in Civil Designer (for example dialogs not appearing).


Opening Registry Reset

Note: Civil Designer needs to be closed before running this tool.

Windows 7 and earlier

Start > All Programs > Civil Designer 20xx > Tools > Registry Reset

Windows 8.x

Press the Windows key on the keyboard (the key between the Ctrl and Alt buttons on the left hand side of the keyboard), the Start Screen will appear.

Then type Registry Reset and then press Enter

Windows 10

Start > All apps > Civil Designer 20xx > Registry Reset

The Registry Reset program will open.

Using Registry Reset

This tool will reset the program settings to the default settings.

As an example, if the Properties Bar does not appear, select the following:

or if you are unsure what option to select, select All.

Select Reset to apply the fix.

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