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Backup And Auto Save Recovery

This tech tip explains the difference between backup files and Auto save recovery.


Backup Files

A backup drawing is a copy of a drawing that gets created after the drawing is saved. Backup drawings are saved in the folder where the original drawing is saved.

If the option to create two versions of a backup is ticked under Settings > System Settings, two versions of the backup will be saved in the same folder where the drawing is saved.

The versions of the backups will be over-written as newer versions of the backup are created.

Backup files will get updated every time you save the drawing. NB: YOU MUST SAVE THE DRAWING IN ORDER TO UPDATE THE DRAWING

To recover backup files, go to the folder where the files are saved, and rename a file that has file extension .bak.

Recovery Files

Crash recovery recovers the files which were not saved but remain within a period of time specified under the crash recovery settings (for example 5 minutes).

Crash recovery files are Templar files that are stored under:
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\Knowledge Base Software (Windows8)

The user also has the option to specify the path of a folder where autoSAVE can read crashed files.

Civil Designer automatically updates these files according to the time specified on the crash recovery settings.

NOTE: it is not advisable to recover crashed files by copying and pasting elsewhere and renaming the file extension.

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