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Node types and symbols

This Tech Tip explains how to assign different cad symbols to sewer and storm nodes.


Setting up the Node Types

Sewer or Stormwater Mode, Edit Menu > Default Settings

In this dialog you may name your node types, we allow for 9 types.

Give descriptive names to the type you want to use in your project.

Modifying Nodes Types

With the node types defined, you can edit a node in an existing project.

Graphical Menu > Edit Data, then right click and select Query Node. Then click on a node.

The Node Data dialog will appear. Under Manhole Type you can now select the types you have defined under the Default Settings.

You can also change the manhole type of multiple nodes by using the Set Parameters function.

Tools Menu > Set Parameters

Select Manhole Type and then the type on the drop down, click ok, and the changes will be made.

Adding Symbols to the Nodes

Settings Menu > Display Settings > Sewer (the same settings are also under the Storm section)

Under Node type, the drop down will list the node types you defined in the Default Settings.

In this example, we will set the symbol for Manhole Type 1 and 2

Select the Node type, and then under Symbol name, select the symbol you want to use.

We do the same for both node types.

Now, if you view the layout in plan view, the nodes defined as Manhole Type 1 and Type 2 will use the symbol defined.

The symbols are defined in the SewerSymbol.dwg file. The symbol file will be in the following folder:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Knowledge Base Software\Civil Designer xx. This folder stores many symbol files used by Civil Designer.

These file may be edited, if required.

The files contain instructions on how to add additional symbols if needed.

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