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Converting Drawing Entities

This Tech Tip explains how to convert a CAD drawing into a sewer/stormwater network.


Data Preparation

The following data Preparation has to be performed inside the drawing.

  • Each pipe to be converted must be drawn as a separate line.
  • All pipes must be in a unique layer.
  • No circles indicating manholes must be on this layer, since it will cause duplicate nodes.
  • Ensure that the lines are not polylines.
  • The line length is not more than 500m, which is the maximum length for classification. Usually a maximum of 80m entered here to accommodate the cleaning functionality of the network.
Node or Manhole Names
  • All manhole names must be drawn in a unique layer and must be placed close to the line origins.
  • If no catchpit or manhole names are provided the program will automatically assign manhole names to the nodes.
  • The outfall manholes are indicated in a unique layer by a circle. The outfall has to be added as this indicates the flow direction of the network.
  • A layer containing pipe diameters is optional, as the sewer/stormwater analysis will automatically size the pipes according to the inflow and design parameters.
  • These diameters must be drawn in close to the centre of the pipe.
  • You can use 160, 160dia or 160. The size needs to be in the Link Tables for the default link that is currently set. The Diameter needs to be the nominal diameter as the one that you can select under, Edit Menu > Node Data then click on the Link page of the Node Data dialog box. Select the drop down arrow to the right of Diameter (mm) and select the diameter of your choice.

Importing the CAD Entities (importing a Sewer network in this example)

File Menu > Import > Convert Drawing Entities

Select the layers containing the sewer network features; using the pull down arrows depending on the drawing layers, naming conventions may change with different users. The menu should look like the one below when complete.

Once the layers are selected click OK to complete the conversion. In CAD Mode Settings Menu > Layer Settings, switch off all the drawing layers that contain the pipe network. In Sewer Mode Settings Menu > Display Settings Select "Show sewer layout"

Click OK to continue.

The new converted sewer layout will be shown on screen.

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