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Remove Banks from a Bridge

This Tech Tip explains how to remove banks under a bridge in a road.


Road with banks

In a normal scenario, the road will have banks applied in cut and fill based on the template you specify.

When we view the road in 3D, you can see there is a bridge where the roads cross over (viewing the rendered road is not required but serves to highlight the issues with the road banks).

To view in 3D, right click on the project screen and select render view. Right click again and select Camera, SW View.

The road will be rendered and you can move the view as required.

Road with banks removed on bridge

To fix this issue, we need to add an additional template to the road. This will be the same as the template you already have, but we will remove the fill conditions in the template.

Open the existing template in the Template Editor

Roads Mode > Tools Menu > Template Paths

In this example I will edit the first template, right click and then select Template Editor.

Once the template has been loaded on the Template Editor, click on the Data button.

Click on the LFill and RFill tabs and delete everything. Then save the template and give it a New name.

Now add the new template to your template paths.

We have added the new template - in this example template 4 is the edited template.

The next step is to define the new template for the section of road that is the bridge.

Roads Mode > Alignment Menu > Edge Levels > Edit Super

We have added the new template to the road. Close the dialog.

Click Yes to save the changes.

Click OK, the edge levels will be recalculated based on the additional template.

The road is now shown with no banks for the bridge area. In render view, you can see the bridge correctly.

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