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Convert String Road to DTM

This Tech Tip explains how to convert a strings road to a DTM surface.


Converting the Road to a DTM Surface

Select the the road, but either left clicking on it, or selecting the road via the File Menu > Select Road

Once the road is selected, right click, and select Road Operations, String Translate.

The Translate Road String model to DTM dialog will open

Specify what road string data must be translated into terrain points by selecting the DTM Surface to translate to and the destination terrain surface for the string vertices coordinates.

Entire Road Model    Select this option to translate all the road strings of the active road
Carriageways onlySelect this option to translate only the centre line and road edge strings
Translate AllTranslate all the visible roads
Translate CurrentTranslate the current road only

We will select Translate Current, and I will translate the road onto an empty DTM surface.

If the dtm surface you have selected is not active, the program will prompt if you want to make the surface active, if this dialog appear click Yes.

Viewing the Converted Road

Settings Menu > Display Settings

Once the road has been translated, we can view the new translated surface. Here, all the surfaces are swithed off (click on the hidden button) and then only surface 30 is switched on. The shading is also switched on.

The translated road, with DTM shading switch on.

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