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Road Components

This Tech Tip explains how to add a road component to the super elevation.


What is a component?

Components are building blocks for templates and can be edited intelligently after the template has been applied.

Normally, a designer would create a typical road template, apply that template and then add/remove components using the Section Graphical Editor or the Edge Level spreadsheet. These changes would then be part of the road design and applied during recalculations, thereby retaining the integrity of your road design.

In this example we will be adding a component to the Edge Level Spreadsheet

Selecting the component

The first step is to select the component(s) you want to add to your road. You can select from the supplied components or create your own (we will cover creating customized components in a different tech tip).

Alignment Menu > Edge Levels > Edit Super

The Super Elevation spreadsheet will open and you will notice this spreadsheet has additional tabs (dual carriageway roads will have more tabs as shown below).

Click on the section where you want to add the new component, in this example we will add a guard rail.

You can decide where on the cross section you want the components to be added, and you can add multiple components.

We will add a guardrail on the Right Cut\Fill condition, for a specific chainage range.

Click on the Right Cut\Fill tab.

The various component columns listed are from the applied template (each section is broken into a component).

Click on the cell which is the start chainage you want to add the component, then drag the mouse by holding down the left mouse button until you get to the end of the chainage range where you want to add the component.

We will be adding the guardrail from chainage 70 to 140. With the cell highlighted, right click with the mouse.

Then select Component Selector. The Component Selector will open.

We then scroll down, and select the SANRAL Guardrail.

Once selected press OK

Then right click on the selected area in the spreadsheet, Right Click and select Insert Component.

Select the guardrail from the drop down. Click OK to continue.

The guardrail will be inserted into the spreadsheet. To save the changes, close spreadsheet.

Click Yes to save, or No to ignore any changes.

You can now view the cross sections and see how the component was added. Note: you can add multiple components.

Section Menu > Graphical Edit

The guardrail is shown on the cross section.

Important Note: If you decide to re apply the template, you will now be prompted with the following message

If you select Yes, any components added via the Super Elevation Spreadsheet will be removed, and the template(s) you have specified for your road will be used. Selecting No, will retain the changes.

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