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Multiple Plan Regions

This Tech Tip explains how to create multiple plan regions in a sheetfile. In versions of Civil Designer prior to the 2015 version, a sheetfile could only contain 1 plan region.



There are 2 basic options when creating multiple regions:
  1. Plan regions of the same size, which can be used with the Auto Define option when plotting plan views of long roads, or
  2. Plan regions of different sizes, this is mainly used in the architectural environment.
We will have a look at the first option as this applies more to the Civil Engineering environment.

Select Applications Menu > Sheetfile Editor

Same Size Plan Regions

You may create multiple plan regions graphically by using the Draw Menu > Regions > Plan Region function or by simply editing the Plan Region list in the Sheetfile Settings (Settings Menu > Sheetfile Settings).

We will define the plan regions graphically.

The program will prompt:

Use the mouse to define the first comer of the plan region. The program will then prompt:

Once the second corner has been defined the plan region will be shown on the sheetfile.

You can also view the plan region via the Settings Menu > Sheetfile Settings > Plan

To add additional plan regions, Draw Menu > Regions > Plan Region. Because there is already a plan region defined in the sheetfile, the following will appear:

You can now overwrite the existing plan region, or add a new region, we want to add an additional region. So click Add New.

As you define the regions, they will appear on the sheetfile.

Once the regions have been defined, you could fine tune the regions, by editing the regions in the data view.

Settings Menu > Sheetfile Settings > Plan

The values as they appear after entering the regions graphically. We will edit the regions so that they all line up.

We edited the values in the Right column. So each region ends at the same distance from the right edge of the sheetfile. You could also edit the Top and Bottom columns, if you want the width of the plan regions to be the same size. (the width is the difference between the top and bottom values)

Once you are happy with your sheetfile, go to the File Menu > Save As

Plotting with new sheetfile

Plot Menu > Generate

Select the newly created sheetfile, then click Next to continue.

The multiple regions will be shown, our sheetfile has 3 plan regions.

You can Add regions according to the quantity and position in the selected sheetfile. The Re Index, Move and Redefine All options still work as per earlier versions of Civil Designer. You can remove any previously defined plots by right-clicking on the coordinate columns and selecting Delete Entry.

Clicking on Auto Define will extract the plan views and list them. Once defines, click on Finish to plot the plans.

If the defined regions are not the same size, then the following error will appear.

Auto Define only works in the regions in the sheetfile are the same size.

Auto Define on sheetfile with equal plan regions, the following will appear.

The updated mini-roundbout

Selecting Along Road Alignment, will automatically break up the road to fit into the defined plan regions, using With Rectangle, will allow you to define the area of your site that will then be broken up automatically into the plan regions defined in the sheetfile. We will use Auto Define for this example.

The updated mini-roundbout

You can specify how much the plan regions overlap.

You can specify the chainage range for the plot.

The original string roads without the mini-roundabout is shown.

The plot lists will then be populated based on your choices. Click Finish for the plots to be generated.

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