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Road Templates

This Tech Tip explains how to use multiple road templates in a single road.


Adding the Road Templates

To specify the template(s) you are going to use, we go to the Tools Menu Template Paths

Give each template a name, then select the templates you want to use. Use the Browse button (far right) to browse to the folder where you have stored your templates

Once the templates have been added, click OK. Note additional template can be added at anytime if required.

Specifying the Templates

This is done in the Super Elevation of the road

Alignment Menu > Edge Levels > Edit Super

Right click on the window to get the following dialog.

Select the Spreadsheet tab (top left)

Click on the Templates tab

Initially we are only using 1 template for the entire road

To change this, add the chainages where the template changes. You right click to insert rows.

  1. The crossfalls, and widths have to be specified on the tabs provided, the values from the template are not used.
  2. If you have the same conditions for the entire road, but you only have differences in crossfalls or widths, you can use the same template, all that is required is for you to specify the chainages on the various tabs where these changes are.
  3. You cannot have a combination of single and dual carriageway.

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