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Adding Pavement Profile to Cross Section Drawings

This tech tip explains how to add the pavement profile to cross section drawings.


Modifying the Sheetfile

Applications Menu > Sheetfile Editor

We then open a cross section sheetfile.

File Menu > Load Sheetfile

Once the sheetfile has been loaded, click on the Settings Menu > Sheetfile Settings

Click on the plus sign next to Cross Section, and then select Layout

Right click on the 'Display Layerworks' value column, the default value will change to 'No', right click again. The layerworks dialog will appear.

Draw Pavement SymbolCheck this to display the Pavement Design symbol on the Cross Section drawing.
X-OriginThe X-Coordinate of the Bottom Left hand side corner of the symbol.
Y-OriginThe Y-Coordinate of the Bottom Left hand side corner of the symbol
Scale FactorThe symbol will be scaled by this value when plotted
ColourThe pen colour of the symbol.

The values used for the X-Origin and Y-Origin will vary depending on the scale and size of cross section.

Once the changes have been made to the sheetfile, save the sheetfile under a different name (keep the original as a backup).

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