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Crossing Pipes on a Road Cross Section



This tech tip explains how to show crossing pipes on generated road cross sections and how to modify the sheetfile to show additional information about the crossing pipe(s) / service(s).

Generating the cross section plot

Once the road has been designed, the cross sections will be plotted using the standard cross section sheetfile provided with Civil Designer.

Plot Menu > Generate Plot

Select the cross section sheetfile.

Depending on which version of Windows you have installed, the default sheetfiles are stored in different folders

If you are running Windows XP, the sample sheetfiles are stored in the following folder:

c:\documents and settings\all users\shared documents\knowledge base software\examples\sheetfiles

If you are running Windows Vista\7 or 8, the sample sheetfiles are stored in the following folder:

c:\users\public\public documents\knowledge base software\examples\sheetfiles.

Once the sheetfile has been selected and the sheet size, click Next to continue.

Make sure the Display Crossing pipes option is selected. Then click on the Crossing Settings button.

In the Available Services columns click on the service you want on the cross section (1), then click on the Select > button (2) to select the service, the selected service (3) will appear in the Plot Crossings For column.

To remove any service, click on the Remove button.

Once the crossing pipes have been selected, click on the OK button to continue.

Click on the Finish button to generate the plot.

The sheetfile may also be customised to show additional information for the crossing pipe.

Customising the cross section sheetfile

Applications Menu > Sheetfile Editor

Click on the File Menu and load the cross section sheetfile.

The sheetfile will open in the Sheetfile Editor.

Settings Menu > Sheetfile Settings

Then on the left hand side, select Cross Section, then Layout

Then right click on Crossing Pipe Text (to toggle between Yes/No)

The Crossing Pipes Setup dialog appears.

In this dialog, you may change the text that is displayed on the cross section for the crossing pipe. Right clicking in any of the empty space provided brings a list of predefined options.

Make the required selections, you may also change the pen colour, font etc used for the text.

Click OK to accept the changes.

Make sure to save the changes to the sheetfile, this is done via the File Menu > Save or Save As (if you want to keep the original sheetfile).

Click on the Save As button to save the changes. it is a good idea to save the modified sheetfile under a new name.

The cross section now showing the updated text.

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