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Uneven Chainages

This tech tip explains how to add uneven chainages into your road.


When designing a road in Civil Designer, the road is coordinated at round chainages i.e. 0, 10, 20 , 30 etc. Civil Designer also allows the user to insert additional chainages into the road, this is very useful if chainages of intersections, or culverts need to be inserted.

The road is designed by entering the horizontal alignment, and then coordinating the road.

The next step would normally be to extract cross sections, but additional chainages need to be added.

Tools Menu Index Edit Chainage Records

This dialog allows the user to insert the chainages are required.

Right click between the chainages where you need to insert the chainage. The Chainage Inserting dialog will appear.

Insert the required chainages. Once entered, click OK

The inserted chainages will appear in the Chainage Records, close the dialog to proceed.

You will be prompted to save the changes.

Once the chainages have been inserted, then the road is re-coordinated (note that the chainages from index has now been selected)

Click Ok to proceed.

Makes sure you select Yes.

If the Output window is visible, the inserted chainages will be listed.

The remainder of the road is designed as per normal.

The Road Expert can also be used to assist the Engineer/Technician. The Road Expert can be accessed via the Alignment Menu. The Road Expert will open listing the steps that are still required in the road design.

You can also toggle between having the Road Expert Enabled or Disabled.

File Menu Option Settings

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