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Google Earth Snap Shot

This tech tip explains how to generate a geo referenced image from Google Earth.


Creating the Geo Referenced Image

CAD Mode > Tools Menu > External Utilities

On the Tool Selection dialog, select Google Earth Snapshot.

A warning will appear (unless you have selected the option not to show again), click OK to continue.

Additional information will appear, these settings are configured inside Google Earth.

The Google Earth SnapShot dialog will open as well as Google Earth.

The first step is to specify a name for the JPG file (this is the image file which will be imported into Civil Designer).

Next are the settings you will use when creating your project in Civil Designer, so make sure these match your project.

The second step is to click on the Google Earth window and zoom into the place where your site is and where you want the elevation grid generated. Note Google Earth will not automatically zoom into the correct area. Once zoomed in, click on the Google Earth Snapshot dialog, and click OK

The following error might appear.

If this happens, click OK. Then in Google Earth, click on the View Menu > Reset > Tilt and Compass. Then go back to the Google Earth Snapshot dialog, and click OK. The image will now be created

The image will initially be a monochrome image, in Google Earth, go to the File Menu > Save > Save Image, this will create a colour version of the image.

The saved image may now be imported into your project, via the Insert Menu in CAD Mode. The image will be loaded based on your project settings.

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