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LIDAR Thinner

With regard to LIDAR data, we find that the density of captured points is far in excess of anything required to carry out accurate design. If you have a set of data with millimeter spacing, there is no way anything you design using it can be constructed with the same level of accuracy.

Equally important is that some of the LIDAR points may not be on the ground level, but actually of the top of structures or trees, creating an incorrect DTM model.

For every grid interval, the program extracts the lowest point. The grid size (density) is determined by the amount of available memory up to 3GB.

We do provide a LIDAR Thinner program to process LAS, LAZ or XYZ in order to provide a reduced density grid file that can be imported and worked with far more easily than the original data, while retaining as much of the original data integrity as possible.


Using the LIDAR Thinner

CAD Mode

Tools Menu > External Utilities > LIDAR Thinner

Select the LIDAR Thinner option and click OK.

The LIDAR Thinner will open, click on the browser button to select the LIDAR file you want to thin.

Select the required file, and then select Open to continue.

The thinned file will be default be saved in the same folder as the original file, clicking on the browse button allows you to select a different folder if required.

A summary of the file contents are listed. If you click on the Estimate button, information about how many points will be removed based on the grid size specified.

Changing the grid size will affect how many points will be remove, we change the grid size to 2, and then redo the estimate.

Clicking on the Process button, will thin out the data, and a new .dat file will be created.

Information about the newly created file will be shown.

This thinned file may now be imported into Civil Designer.

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