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Installing a 64-BIT Access Database Driver

If you are planning on using Database Linking in a 64-bit install of AllyCAD or Civil Designer, to create database connections to Access .mdb files or Excel .xls files, then follow these steps:

Note: This only applies to 64-bit installations of AllyCAD / Civil Designer

Check if you already have 64-bit database drivers installed

  1. Select Tools > Database Linking
  2. In the Database Links dialog, select Add Connection (advanced)
  3. In the Data Link Properties dialog, check if you have a Provider called Microsoft Office 12 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider

If you do, then you already have the 64-bit driver installed, no further action is necessary.

Install the 64-bit Access database driver

  1. Download the Access driver install from this page:

  2. Click the red Download button Choose the AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe option (put a tick in the box just to the left of it) and click Next The file AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe should be downloaded to your Downloads folder

  3. Run the AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 installer from the command line with /passive option:

  4. Open Windows Explorer and go to your Downloads folder

    Open a command window in the Downloads folder. EITHER:

    Hold down the Shift key and right-click in the empty space just to the left of the files listed. Then choose Open command window here from the pop-up options, OR

    Select File > Open Command Prompt from the menu

    In the command window, type 'AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 /passive' (without the quotes) and press the Enter key:

    If you are prompted to allow changes, click Yes

    The Access driver should install in a few seconds

    Close the command window

  5. Go back to step 1 to check that the 64-bit Access driver has installed

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