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How to Add a North Sign to a Sheetfile

This Tech Tip explains how to add a north sign drawing to a plan sheetfile.


Loading the North Sign

Once you have created your sheetfile, the next step is to add the north sign. You can load any drawing of a north sing into your sheetfile. This is done via the File Menu in the Sheetfile Editor.

File Menu > Load Drawing

The program will prompt for the reference point of the inserted drawing (note, you can move the drawing once it is loaded)

Indicate the position for the drawing with the mouse, once you are happy with the position, left click to insert the drawing.

The standard Open dialog will open, select your north sign drawing, and then click Open.

The north sign will appear in the sheetfile at the position indicated.

You now have to select the north sign, by left licking on the north sign. Once selected press F4 (to open the properties dialog)

In the Properties dialog, make sure North Sign is selected. This will instruct the program to always rotate the north sign so its correctly orientated when generating a plot. Save the sheetfile, via the File Menu.

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