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How to Create a New Project

This Tech Tip explains how to Create a New Project in Civil Designer 20xx.


This is the default view when opening Civil Designer fro the first time.

Creating a New Project

Change to one of the Design Modules, we will change to Survey Mode in this example.

Applications Menu > Survey

We can now create a new project

File Menu > Project Settings

The Project Settings dialog will appear. On this dialog you add your project files. You can use the Project Settings dialog at any stage to add or remove files from your project, but you cannot change the Projection settings once the project has been created.

Note: We do not specify a road file, the road file(s) take their name from the Terrain file, so if the Terrain file is removed from the project, the roads will also no longer be shown.

In this example we will add a Terrain file to the project, and set the Projection settings for Cape Town.

Click on the box to the right of Terrain, the Select DTM data file dialog will open and you can browse to the folder where you want to create the file.

Give your new terrain file a name and then click on the Open button to continue.

You will be asked if you want the program to create the new file.

Click Yes to create the file.

The Terrain file will be added. Once a design file has been added, the projection settings section will become active. Make the required changes for the projects location. You can also give your project a title if required.

Once you click OK, the project will be created, and you can start to import your dtm, sewer/stormwater or water information.

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