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How to Add a Title block to the Plan Sheetfile

This Tech Tip explains how to add a customised cad drawing (title block) to a plan sheetfile.


Before we begin:
  1. The drawing needs to be A0 ( we are creating a customised A0 sheetfile)
  2. Drawing using and paper using of the drawing must be mm to mm
  3. The Coordinate system of the drawing must be set to Cartesian

Determining the size of the Plot Regions

The sheetfile works with different regions, these are the regions used when you define the plotting area. We have to set the regions to match the sheetfile. The first region to define is the global region, this is the size of the sheetfile. We will set this region to the same size as the title block drawing that will be loaded into the sheetfile.

To do this, we will open the drawing in CAD Mode and then determine the size.

Once the drawing is opened.

Settings Menu > Drawing Settings

We will change the coordinate system to Surveyor and set the lower left coordinate to 0, 0

Click on the Surveyor Setup button, and make sure "Set to know point" is selected and the origin is set to 0, 0

Then click, OK, and then OK again

The program will then prompt the user to indicate the point with 0, 0 coordinates. Zoom into the lower left corner of your drawing and snap to the corner point (zoom in and then press J on the keyboard)

We will now go to the top right hand corner of the drawing to see what the coordinates are. Zoom into the top right corner, and then press J on the keyboard. The coordinates will be shown.

We will uses a rounded value of these coordinates to define our region, so we will use 1100, 766

Close the drawing and do not save.

Creating the Sheetfile

Applications Menu > SheetFile Editor

The SheetFile Editor will open with a blank sheetfile, the pink dotted rectangle is the size of the A0 piece of paper, the black rectangle is the current global region. We will be editing the the Global Region

Select the Global Region by clicking on any part of it with the mouse (i.e. click on one of the lines), and then press F4 on the keyboard

In the Properties dialog change the Right and Top values under Geometry

We will change these values to the values determined above, i.e. 1100, 766

The next step is to load the cad titleblock into the sheetfile

File Menu > Load Drawing

Select your drawing, the program will then prompt for a reference point for the drawing. Click anywhere on the screen, we will move the drawing once it is loaded.

The next step is to move the titleblock into position. Select the titleblock by dragging a box around the drawing. (Click top left, and then hold down the left mouse button and drag to the lower right corner).

Modify Menu > Move

The program will ask for the source point, select the lower left comer of the drawing

Once the point has been selected (the titleblock will now be attached to your cursor), you will be prompted for the destination point, zoom into the lower corner of the global region.

Once the drawing has been place, press Z and then A on the keyboard, the titleblock will appear on top of the global region.

The final step is to indicate the Plan Region, this the area that the program will use when you generate the plot. Any items outside of this area will be trimmed.

You can define the Plan Region graphically

Draw Menu > Regions > Plan Region

Zoom into the lower left corner of the plan region and then top right.

Once defined Save the sheetfile.

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