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Creating Drawings

This tech tip explains how to create drawings of your design.


There have been many improvements to the way plots are created, each plot now is added as an extra tab. These plots can also be dynamically updated, so if the design is modified, the plot does not have to be re-generated, the plot will automatically show the changes. These various plots will also be saved with the project.

Creating Plots/Layouts

Plot Menu Generate Plot

In this example we will be creating plan plot, some of the options will be different based on the type of sheetfile selected.

There are 2 options:

Create Layouts and dynamically update plots when the data changes. If this is selected the generated layouts will automatically update. Note , if this option is not selected, there is no way to enable this once the plots have been generated. The plots will have to be re-generated and then select the dynamic update option.

Generate separate drawings. This option allows you to create separate drawings like the 6.x version. The drawing will not be shown as a tab attached to the project.

Click Next to continue.


Enter the desired scale for the generated drawing.

Show grids

Check this option to have grids (if defined) displayed on the drawing. The Grid Settings dialog is displayed for you to customize the grid settings.

Add New Button

Click this button to define a new plot definition or to generate an immediate plot.

Re Index Button

Click this button to redefine the plotting order of existing plot definitions.

Move Button

Click this button to update the position of an existing plot definition.

Delete Button

Click this button to delete an existing plot definition.

Redefine All Button

Click this button to remove all existing plot definitions and start the definition of a new plot.

Auto Define Button

Click this button to automatically generate plot sheets along the alignment of the active road, or within a user defined rectangle. See Generate Plot.

Key Plan

Click this button to display the Key Plan Generator. This is a toggle switch button, if the button is pressed, the key plan will be plotted before the pre-defined plots.

Plot column

Select whether the relevant plot should be generated (Yes) or not (No). Right click this cell to toggle.

Select which lists you want added to the plot, note this option is only available when plotting using a sheetfile with a plan region.

Click Finish to continue.

Note the additional tabs added to the project, the Key Plan and my Plan layout. Any additional plots will be added to the list.

Right clicking on any of the new tabs allows you to either insert a layout into the current drawing, delete the layout, or rename the layout.

Converting the Generated Plots into CAD Drawings

Plot Menu Publish Layout

In the above dialog you can select which plots you want to publish. The selected plot can also be exported to a survey drawing, so the plan layout will be exported with the correct coordinates. There is also an option to export the plot as a 2d drawing. If this option is not selected then the drawing will be exported as a 3d drawing which is the default format.

Once the selections have been made, click OK to continue.

The Save dialog will appear, here you can select the destination for the file and the name, note the drawing can be saved in different formats, click on the "Save as type" drop down to select a different format.

Note: There is no option to save as the previous version drg files (AllyCAD 3.x format), this is due to the older version not supporting the new features. If the drawing needs to be used in an earlier version of the program, then save the drawing as either a dxf or dwg.

Click Save to continue, the drawing will be saved.

Dynamic Updated Plots

If the option to dynamically update the plots was selected when the plots were generated, then anything drawn or updated on the drawing tab will appear on the corresponding plot

I will be moving the water reservoir and connecting pipes, this will be done on the drawing tab.

The above is the current layout, and this is what appears in my generated plots.

The above shows the modified layout.

If I now select the Plan1 tab, the layout will automatically show the updated layout.

Note: Any published plots will not be automatically updated, when you publish a layout the link between the project and layout is broken.

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