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Fixing a Corrupt DTM

This Tech Tip explains how to repair a corrupted DTM.


While working in Civil Designer, the DTM file may become corrupt. The error message that appears reports a bucket list error. Civil Designer has the tools available to repair the corrupted DTM.

Repairing the DTM file

Close the corrupt project, make sure that you are in Terrain Mode.

Tools Menu Rebuild DBase

The following dialog will appear:

The next step is to browse for the corrupted DTM file.

Once the file has been selected, you will be prompted for a name of the repaired file.

Once the corrupted DTM file has been selected, click on the Open button to continue.

Civil Designer will convert the corrupt DTM file into an ASCII file, give a name to the new ASCII file, then click on the Save button to continue. The file will be converted and saved.

Recreating the Project and DTM

Survey Mode File Menu New

To add a DTM to the new project.

File Menu Project Settings

Create a new project with a blank DTM, make sure the project settings match the corrupt project.

Once the DTM has been created, the repaired ASCII file will be imported.

File Menu Import ASCII YXZ

Select the ASCII file that was created earlier, and click on the Open button to continue.

Select the correct file format (a preview of the file is show to assist), click on the Next button to continue.

Assign names to the columns (left click on each column and select the relevant name from the drop down list), click on the Finish button to continue.

Confirm the surface for the imported points, click on the OK button to continue.

Once the file has been imported, the repaired DTM will be displayed on the screen.

If the corrupted project also included roads the DTM needs to be renamed to the same name as the original DTM. To do this close the project, and in Windows Explorer rename the old DTM and then rename the repaired DTM to the original name. The reason for this is that the road files are linked to the DTM.

Once the DTM has been renamed, the original project can be reopened. It is also good practice to make regular backups of all project data.

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