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Fully Integrated Infrastructure Design

Civil Designer's robust platform brings you the advanced functionality of a fully integrated civil engineering infrastructure design system.

The software consists of a suite of powerful design modules that interact seamlessly with the advanced digital terrain modelling and industrial strength CAD engines that form the heart of Civil Designer.

The eight modules give you advanced design features and functionality to design roads, earthworks, sewer, stormwater and water networks. Together the modules combine to form an integrated design platform for civil engineering infrastructure as well as data gathering, drawing, and surface modelling.

The program handles the whole process from initial field work through DTM creation and editing, contour generation, bulk earthworks, roads, sewer, stormwater and water infrastructure design, finishing with the draughting and plotting of layout plans, long sections and cross sections.

You no longer have to transfer the data between different packages and have seamless access to all the powerful functionality of the fully integrated design modules through one consistent user-friendly interface.

The Civil Designer Advantage
  • 27 years of ongoing development based on continual feedback from industry.

  • Handles the entire process from initial field work through to the creation of final construction drawings.

  • Creates all your final drawings for you (key plan, layout plans, long sections and cross sections) with 3D views along with enhanced bitmap handling for aerial survey images and orthophotos.

  • Can handle design models of over 95 million terrain points, over 400km of road, and huge sewer, storm and water network infrastructure systems. Civil Designer can also triangulate 6 million points in under a minute.

  • Fully supports local design standards and both Southern and Northern Hemisphere coordinates.

  • When tried and tested, Civil Designer is adopted as the preferred infrastructure design package.

What can be achieved with Civil Designer?

Civil Designer is a comprehensive one stop civil infrastructure design package which incorporates a very powerful CAD platform and eight configurable modules. The software will allow the infrastructure designer to:-

What makes Civil Designer a superior design platform?

Civil Designer's continued success over the last 28 years is closely associated with the following important factors which set it apart from other infrastructure design tools:

Licensing Options

Civil Designer can be licensed individually or via a shared license pool across a network. Network licenses allow an amount of users equal to the amount of platform (Design Centre) licences available to work simultaneously.

Licensing alternatives include the Sentinel SL (software-based licence) or the Sentinel HL (hardware dongle-based) licence system.

Perpetual Licenses

We offer permanent licenses on all our software. This gives you the following advantages:

"The entire geometric design of the flyover ramps & realignment of the existing carriageways was done with Civil Designer. The software coped with whatever we threw at it!"
~ KOEBERG INTERCHANGE: Brian Dreyer Pr. Eng. HHO Africa

"The new Civil Designer is much more user-friendly, the operation functions are very professional and the drawing component is a lot better than the older versions."
~ Nickhael Kessopersadh, Goba (Pty) Ltd (Durban)

"The storm water management was designed using Civil Designer - with its multiple pipe layer functionality for the capture of pipe layer data according to dimension & material."
~ COSMO CITY: Marius Kannenberg, Technical Director, WorleyParsons

"Civil Designer allowed us to do more than ever in a short time frame and was used to create 50km of road in one model with 47 intersections."
~ N2 SECTION: Moegtaar Madatt, Mott MacDonald

"Support is excellent and much better than others in the industry. You know you can rely on these guys."
~ Marco Marques, WSP SA Civil & Structural

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