Civil Designer Archived Tech Tips

General Tech Tips (version 6+)

  T10001   How to create a basic sheet file
  T10002   Create sheet file using existing drawing as title block
  T10003   Importing drawings from AutoCAD in DWG or DXF format
  T10004   How to use the Help System
  T10005   How to plot large bitmaps
  T10006   How to export drawings from Civil Designer to DXF/DWG format
  T10007   How to export drawings in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  T10008   How to Authorise your program
  T10009   How to increase your redraw speed with large drawings
  T10010   How to generate a drawing
  T10011  How to add tolerances to your dimensions
  T10012   How to modify existing dimensions
  T10013   How to customise the Civil Designer screen
  T10014   How to set up your high resolution plotter for large bitmaps
  T10016  Troubleshooting opening drawing & project file problems
  T10017   How to delete multiple hatches of one type
  T10018   How to change multiple hatches of one type
  T10019   How to change multiple hatches
  T10021   How to avoid using invalid login names
  T10022   How to add new drawing layers in the Settings dialog
  T10023   How to use pen mappings
  T10024   How to submit a crash report
  T10025   Importing DXF/DWG Made Easier in version 6.4
  T10026   Geometry Lines
  T10027   Dongle Management
  T10028   Save Default Settings and Autobackup
  T10029   Changing the Point Style
  T10032   Exchanging Data Between Civil Designer and ModelMaker
  T10033   How to use the Archive Project function
  T10034  This Tech Tip explains how to use the Print Manager.

Design Centre Tech Tips (version 6+)
 T30001  How to set up a project
 T30002  How to use Intelli-Lines to generate break lines in a DTM
 T30003  How to generate contours
 T30004  How to repair a corrupted DTM file
 T30005  How to create a DTM from a contour drawing
 T30006  How to create a 3D DXF drawing
 T30007  The Point Filter function - filtering by height and fence area

Survey & Terrain Tips (version 6+)
 T40001  How to generate a 3D view
 T40002  How to Use Difference Contours to Show Cut and Fill
 T40003  How to convert a DXF file into a DTM
 T40004  How to import geographical coordinates into Civil Designer
 T40005  Merging DTM surfaces
 T40007  Overlaying CAD lines on your DTM model
 T40008  Calculating flow directions using the 8-point pour method
 T40009  Drainage Network showing dominant water routes
 T40010  Duplicating a DTM Surface and Applying a Height Constant
 T40011  Creating a Terrace using Strings
 T40012  Editing Strings
 T40013  Generated Contours Enhancements
 T40014  Line of Sight
 T40015  Plot 3D


Roads Tech Tips (version 6+)
 T50001  How to set up Compound and Reverse Curves
 T50002  Composite sheet file with long section and plan area
 T50003  Determine horiz & vert alignment of an existing road
 T50004  How to design a road that does not start at chainage zero
 T50005  How to insert uneven chainages into a road
 T50006  How to insert a skew cross section into a road
 T50007  How to add AllyCAD symbols to cross sections
 T50008  Add additional lanes to a road /allow for road widening.
 T50009  How to use the Roads Module shortcut keys
 T50010  How to use the Pavement Layer Designer
 T50011  How to generate a longsection with levels at specific chainages
 T50012  How to add the pavement profile to cross section drawings
 T50013  How to create a Mass Haul diagram.
 T50014  How to modify the Cross Section sheetfile.
 T50015  How to convert the final road levels into a DTM surface.
 T50017  Chainage Equations
 T50018  Road Display Settings
 T10030  Adding Areas to plotted Cross Sections
 T50019  Create multiple databases containing pipe services data.
 T50020  This Tech Tip explains how to create a 3D fly path of a road.
 T50021  The Kerb Editor - create new or edit existing kerb profile.
 T50022  Add kerbs created in the kerb Editor to a Road Template
 T50023  How to insert skew cross sections into a road graphically.
 T50024  How to use the Add Auxiliary Lane function.
 T50025  New enhancements made to the Template Editor.
 T50026  How to use the Speed Profiling function.
 T50027  How to interpolate additional point(s) on a cross section layer.
 T50029  Modifying the Single Carriageway Long Section Sheetfile
 T50030  Showing crossing pipes on a road cross section
 T50031  Showing crossing pipes on a road long section
 T50032  How to use the Rehabilitation function in Roads.

Turn Tech Tips (version 6+)
 T60001  How to set up a custom vehicle

Storm and Sewer Tech Tips (version 6+)
 T70001  Multiple ground lines on Sewer/Stormwater longsections
 T70002  Add a pump station to a Sewer or Stormwater network.
 T70003  Remove Deleted Records
 T70004  Adding Subcatchments
 T70005  How to check the minimum cover over the length of a link
 T70006  Detecting Service Clashes
 T70007  How to insert erf connections on to a sewer network
 T70008  Converting a CAD drawing into a sewer/stormwater network
 T70009   How to view the long section of a sewer/stormwater pipe
 T70010   Changing the bedding classes in Sewer/Stormwater

Water Tech Tips (version 6+)
 T80001  Solving common problems using the Water Module.
 T80002  Create multiple databases containing pipe services data.
 T80003  How to export a Water long section to an ASCII (CSV) file.
 T80004 Using the Vertical Alignment function (Water Module)



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