Latest Features and Functionality
New in Civil Designer 8.2

CIVIL DESIGNER 8.2 is due for release on 14th November 2018. The latest version builds on the success of the current version and, in response to client requests, the new release also includes:
  • Render View:
  • - Environment settings
    - Terrain rendering settings
    - Preset views
  • Selection cycling: where multiple entities are exactly on top of each other, a click point selection allows you to cycle through the selectable entities at that point
  • Reality mesh importing and rendering (see video)
  • Implement Touch Screen Gestures (Pan, Rotate, Zoom) for use on Windows tablets
Features: Enhancements: DTM
Features: Enhancements: ROADS
Features: Enhancements: PLOTTING
Features: WATER
Features: Enhancements:

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