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Design Integrity
Many civil infrastructure drawing programs are in fact just CAD packages with some extra design elements. Civil Designer, on the other hand, is a fully fledged design system which gives you powerful features and seamless interaction between the infrastructure design tools, saving you time and optimising your productivity. For more information on the functionality within each module, please visit our module pages.

Graphical engine handles huge data sets
No other package can handle large drawings, DTM models, multiple aerial photographs or orthophotos, large sewer, stormwater or water network design projects with such ease and speed. High-level presentations are a snap as the final design can be output in a number of formats to give you the edge on your competition.

Fully DWG Compatible & BIM Compliant
Civil Designer runs on our new titanium strength 3D CAD platform that is fully compatible with DWG, DXF, DGN and other drawing formats. Line styles, hatching, fonts, inserts, Xrefs, paper space, model space, live layouts and viewports will all be handled without problems. In addition we also support loading of Caddie CEX, Arcview SHP, Microstation DGN and Ultimate CAD UCX files. BIM compliant - Civil Designer can export to IFC 2.3 and 4.1 files.

DTM Engine handles over 95 million points
The digital terrain modelling component has been optimized to import over 4 million points in less than 1 minute and can handle more than 95 million points. Civil Designer can further triangulate 6 million points in under a minute. We also provide a tool to strip down LIDAR surveys into useful DTM models.

Extensive support for images
We support the following image formats - MrSID (*.sid), ERMapper (*.ecw), Tagged Image Format (*.tif), Bitmap (*.bmp), JPEG (*.jpg), JPEG2000 (*.jp2), Portable Network Graphics (*.png), Graphic Interchange Format (*.gif), Truevision Targa (*.tga). Geo-referenced images (TFW, ECW, SID, etc) are automatically positioned according to the survey coordinate system of the design project. Many of our clients have over 300 high resolution aerial survey bitmaps as a backdrop to their design.

Industry Leading Drawing Templates (Sheetfiles)
With our sheetfiles (drawing templates) you can define exactly what your drawing looks like and standardize your output across offices. Our powerful sheet files allow you to define exactly what the final production drawings should look like, saving you hours of post-production CAD editing. Sheet files can include other drawings, complete title blocks with company logos, data lists and annotations. The Sheetfile Editor makes it easy to create and edit these sophisticated drawing templates.

Excellent Graphical Interchange
All modules have graphical functions to create, modify and edit your design. With Civil Designer you don't have to just change things in a spreadsheet but can work interactively. If you move connected elements such as a manhole all the culverts connected to that manhole will also be updated.

Production Drawings update on the Fly
Our system will automatically generate all your final plans as dynamically updating layouts which will reflect all drafting and design changes instantly so that your design and production drawings are always in sync. You may also create and save archive copies of your design revisions using our advanced Publish function.

Automated Key Plan Generation
If you have a project that requires multiple sheets such as 150km of highway or a town layout, Civil Designer will generate a key plan to show you where a specific drawing fits in to the whole design with a specified overlap between drawings.

Supports Local Design Standards & Terminology
We fully support local design standards. The software comes preloaded with South African standards including SABS 1200 and COLTO standards for earthworks, TRH 17 and TRH 4 for roads, locally available pipes, culverts and pumps for sewer, storm and water networks. You can also easily add additional design standards as you require them.

Engineering calculations you can trust
Civil Designer has been written by engineers for engineers. Our software is developed from nearly 30 years of experience and continual learning from engineers giving you sound functionality that you can trust. As such we have checked every calculation over and over, and our clients have done the same.

Fully Customisable Display Settings
Our display settings allow you to set up exactly how the design data must be displayed on the screen - from line style and colour through text style and size down to contour interval and road bank lines. You can even specify the fill colour for the road carriageway to have more realistic plan views.

Easy to see Clashes between different services
Analyze your design to check for clashes between the various services using our Clash Detector. Simply specify which services to check and the clearance you require and the potential problems will be highlighted. Thereafter simply edit the long section of the affected service to adjust the level or slope.

Extremely Comprehensive Help File
We have spent thousands of hours going over our help files which come standard with Civil Designer. It is quick and easy to read the help file by searching through it or by pressing F1 when you get stuck with a specific function. You don’t need to search the Internet for answers or get stuck when you are on site or have no coverage.


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New in version 8.1
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