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Extended 2D/3D drawing
In addition to the powerful 3D rendering capabilities that you need for your project visualisation and presentation purposes, the CAD module provides the full drawing functionality contained in AllyCAD Professional for intensive draughting applications. It includes the surveying, structural, mechanical and architectural toolkits which simplify many time-consuming procedures.

CAD module in Civil Designer


Image Handling Ability & Speed

AllyCAD is known for its lightning speed in handling multiple large images as well as its compatibility with geo-referenced data. We currently support the JPG, BMP, SID (MrSID), ECW (ERMapper), PNG & TIF image formats among others. Easily rotate, clip, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your images with the built-in image controls and the Image Manager.

Full DWG and other Compatibility

AllyCAD allows you to work with DWG files easily and with no loss of data. The data structure has been completely re-designed for DWG compatibility and includes XRefs, drawing space and layouts, multiple viewports and various line, text, dimension and table styles. AllyCAD can also read DGN, CEX, UCX, DRG and SHP files.

Handling reality mesh data

Import and rendering of reality mesh data allowing high resolution 3D models from photos or point clouds

Import a Google Earth Snapshot

A new utility can capture and georeference the active view from Google Earth. The resultant image can then be imported into the correct position in a survey drawing. This is useful for preplanning for development surveys, preliminary designs, etc.

New Block Editor

The Block Editor allows you to edit the CAD-entities in the block definitions in your drawing. It will display the selected block in a separate drawing window. Once you have finished editing the block you may simply close the window or use the Save option.

3D Navigation

Navigation in AllyCADís 3D Render View (zoom in/out, pan and rotate) has been made very quick and easy to use.

Layout Navigation

Select and display a layout from a displayed list which makes it a lot easier to find a specific layout when there are many drawing layouts.

Expand Detail Function with Layer Magnification

The 'Expand Detail' function from AllyCAD 3 has been implemented. Dimension linear scale and layer magnification values are adjusted for the expanded details.

Advanced Hatch Perimeter Tracking

Hatches and solid fills are so much easier with vastly improved auto perimeter tracking including island detection and multiple perimeters.

Shape File export includes Arcs, Circles, Inserts & XRefs

ArcView Shape file export now includes arcs and circles (exported as exploded lines) as well the contents of any inserted blocks or XRefs in the drawing.

Monitor XRefs for changes from original source

XRefs loaded in the current drawing are monitored for changes to the original source drawings. Should such a change occur you are given the option of reloading the XRef in order to display up-to-date reference information

Import shape files with Lat-Long coordinates

ArcView Shape files in geographical coordinates can now be converted to survey coordinates during import. Importing also has an option to create an Access MDB file (requires the relevant ADO database driver) containing the data associated with the Shape file. The data link can be manipulated to produce labels based on the contents of the database table.

Sheetfile Editor for production drawings

Using the new powerful sheetfile concept, unique to AllyCAD, you can generate production drawings with detailed title blocks, north signs, grids, scale bars and much more so that your plotting requires minimal, if any, CAD editing. The sheetfiles can be created or edited using normal CAD functions in a vastly improved Sheetfile Editor. AllyCAD works seamlessly with older sheetfiles as well.

Visual Snaps with GrabAll mode

Visual snaps allow you to see where a snap will be applied as you move the cursor. The screen will be dynamically updated to indicate where the nearest snap point is and in GrabAll snap mode, it will also indicate what type of snap point is nearest.

Print / Publish the Drawing Space / Multiple Layouts

The 'Publish Layout' function allows you to save one or more layouts to disk as separate drawings, and has now been extended so that you can print multiple layouts in one operation.

Supports Northern & Southern Coordinates

AllyCAD supports both Northern and Southern hemisphere survey coordinates to ensure that you maintain data integrity with astounding accuracy.

Dynamic Dimensioning

Dynamic dimension preview shows you exactly what the dimension will look like before it becomes part of the drawing. You can also have different dimension styles per drawing.

Annotative Scaling

AllyCAD once again allows you to specify text, dimensions, arrows and block inserts as "mm on paper" regardless of scale. When you add a viewport to a layout, AllyCAD will automatically configure the viewport so that annotative objects in the viewport are drawn at the same size in 'mm on paper'.

Faster Redraws

We have optimized our redraw routine to make the redraws really fast which further improves your productivity.

Convert single-line text to multi-line text

The new 'SText to MText' function allows you to indicate one or more single-line text entities, which are then joined together into one multi-line text entity.

Output Bar information display

The Output Bar displays information such as the measurements and properties of entities when you measure or query an entity or polygon area. The Output Bar will be displayed automatically when results need to be presented to the user. Output can also be printed or written to file.

Comprehensive Purge Function

This function removes unused objects from the drawing thereby reducing it's size. You can select which entities you wish to remove.

Batch Print

Batch printing allows you print the drawing, the layouts or both from all AllyCAD drawings in a selected folder. Print orientation is automatically selected according to the drawing and/or layout settings.

Export to PDF

Drawings can be exported in Adobe PDF format. The exported file will contain the drawing and any layouts, each as a separate page. The drawing layers are also present in the PDF file and can be switched on/off as desired.


New plotting function uses the powerful sheet file system, but generates layouts with viewports. Your production drawings will therefore automatically update as you change your design.

Property Bar

All entities can now be easily edited in the same place through the Properties Bar. One can quickly select a set of entities and then edit properties common to them.

Load Bitonal TIF images

Bitonal TIF images are special 2-colour images whose background can be drawn transparent.

Style Importer

The Style Importer allows you to import styles from external drawings. This is much quicker than trying to recreate the styles from scratch for every new drawing.

Pick & Apply Settings

The 'Apply Settings' function lets you indicate one entity, whose settings (layer, colour, linestyle etc) can then be 'painted' onto multiple entities. Which settings are applied can be modified in the 'Apply Settings' CAD bar.

Flyout Toolbars

Flyout toolbars contain multiple nested toolbars without sacrificing screen space. The nested toolbars are displayed only when activated and are otherwise not visible.

Text Styles

Text styles allow you to apply multiple text attributes to one or more text items by simply editing the associated text style or applying a different text style.

Multiple arrows with one text item or block

The 'MLeader' entity consists of one or more leader lines attached to a note. This allows the note (which can be a text label or a block) to point to multiple items of interest in your drawing. Each leader line can have multiple vertices, and can be smoothed. MLeader Styles can be used to standardise the appearance of your MLeaders.

Auto Updating Layouts

AllyCAD now has layouts that contain viewports into the drawing space and will also automatically generate all your final plans as dynamically updating layouts which will reflect all drafting changes instantly. If your drawing changes, so do your layouts, so that your design and your production drawings are always in sync.


The AllyCAD specialised toolkits have been designed to speed up essential but time-consuming tasks relevant to the various CAD disciplines:
  • General Toolkit
  • Architectural Toolkit
  • Structural Toolkit
  • Mechanical Toolkit
  • Survey Toolkit

Multiple Views & Viewports

You may now split the drawing window into multiple views, each with its own view direction (including isometric views). You can even draw from one view to another. In addition you may create named viewports so you can identify key parts of the drawing and switch between the views easily.

Table Editor

The Table function makes it a lot faster to draw tables with definable column widths, text styles and colours. Table styles can be defined to simplify table formatting.

Tolerance Editor

Annotate your drawing with tolerances through the simple interface of the Tolerance Editor which also allows you to include finishing symbols.

Embedded Drawings (Xrefs)

Multiple drawings may now be embedded in the working drawing allowing multiple designers to work on different aspects of a project while allowing the rest of the project team to see the latest changes. The XRefís layers, linestyles, text styles, dimension styles and blocks will be merged into the current drawing

Geometry Lines

Geometry lines are a superset of construction lines and are now enhanced to give better visual feedback when you are busy drawing, making them more intuitive and easier to use. They allow you to position lines and arcs tangential to each other, and to define the basic layout of the drawing elements. You can then fill in with solid lines to create the objects. In short, geometry lines allow you to focus on your design.

Ole Objects

The new OLE function allows you to embed other objects such as documents, spreadsheets and illustrations in your drawing. To edit these objects simply double click to activate the host application for the object.

Advanced Selection Filter

A new and very powerful Advanced Selection Filter has been added in addition to the legacy selection filter, which also has been greatly streamlined for ease of use.

Multiline Text Editor

Add a text paragraph with multiple lines of text by defining a box that will contain the text. You can apply formatting to parts of the text using controls similar to standard word processing systems.

Enhanced Symbols (Blocks)

An extensive symbols library (blocks) is supplied. The new Block Manager allows you to visually browse symbol files and drawings for blocks.

Explode & Repeatedly Explode Function

The explode function breaks a compound entity (object) into its component entities (what it is made up of), while the repeatedly explode function will explode a compound entity to its base entities so that they can be edited.

3D Capabilities (Objects, Surfaces & Rendering)

We have added full 3D with hidden line removal, rendering with light sources and shading, and perspective views. You can define your own lighting and view your design in multiple named viewports or in different perspective views and work on any view (top/side/iso) at the same time.

Draw text aligned to an existing entity

The 'Draw Text' functions now allow you to align the rotation and position of the text you are drawing to existing text or lines in the drawing, this avoiding the hassle of manually aligning/rotating the text after adding it to the drawing.

Set The Transparency of Entities

All entities now have a 'Transparency' property, which can range from 0 (fully opaque) to 90 (90% transparent). Entities can also have 'By Block' or 'By Layer' transparency. Transparency can be used to 'see through' solid objects so that entities 'behind' the object are visible.

Xref & Locked Layer Fading

XRef fading value (0% to 90%) can now be specified in System Settings. Specifying an XRef fade value of 50 will cause all XRefs to be drawn such that the colours in the XRef are at half intensity. This makes it easier to identify which parts of your drawing belong to XRefs. Locked layer fading works in the same way, allowing you to reduce the brightness at which locked layers are drawn, to more easily identify which entities in your drawing are on locked layers (and therefore not editable).

Drawings From Templates

You can create template drawings with your preferred settings, styles and title blocks and then use them as a starting point when creating a new drawing.

Graphical Editing

AllyCAD gives you easy graphical editing of all selected entities by either selection handles or nodes. This includes hatches, elliptical arcs and splines.

Database Linkage

Link drawing entities to external database records containing attributes. You can therefore store your data in an external database and display up to date data on your drawings without editing the drawings.

New CAD Entities

In addition to the 3D entities we have also added the following new CAD entities:
  • Helix
  • Arc-aligned text
  • Spline
  • MLeader
  • Tolerance
  • OLE Frame
  • Ray
  • Rtext
  • Table
  • Multiline
  • Wipeout

Add On Tools

AllyCAD offers the following tools and editors that work outside of the program:
  • Accelerator Editor
  • Batch BBF
  • BMP Geo LO
  • Digitiser Editor
  • Linestyle Editor
  • Menu Editor
  • Palette Editor
  • Registry Reset
  • Settings Transfer
  • Toolbar editor
  • Google Earth Snapshot


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